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I recently released an EP album on a whim… This is a collection of music where each song has been influenced by my experiences living and growing up in Baltimore and all the unique individuals I’ve crossed paths with. ‘Baltimore Boulevard’ is not an actual boulevard in Baltimore, however I wanted to pay homage to the city I call home via this term.

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10 Late Night Notes to Self

1. Ramp up your sense of urgency. Your time here is running out. 

2. Worry less about what others think since you could be doing everything you can the way that you want and will still be misunderstood and still won't have pleased everyone. 

3. Push more content out. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just put it out there. 

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Jae Jin

Exactly 10 years ago today, I was sitting in the hospital undergoing an experimental chemotherapy for the second time in my life. I had just spent my 40th day and 40th night in that miserable hospital room. During those first 40 days, I wrote numerous songs. One song that resulted from that difficult season ended up on my debut album in the form of a song of encouragement.

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