04_kairosJJ (Blue).jpg


by Jae Jin

Kairos is a Greek word meaning the opportune moment. In my life, precise timing has always played itself out beyond what I planned or desired. This album is the expression of my education through the divine present, the Kairos. Each song is a lesson learned at the right moment. The pursuit of my vocation in music was a supreme moment, an appointed time of obedience for a divine purpose. Simply put, I am both a creator as well as a Believer.
The tracks are about relationships; the greatest gifts one can receive. Some tracks are about suffering through unrequited love, love lost, and even facing my own mortality but all are about the world beyond myself. These songs may not be centered on faith, but it is by grace that I am able to share this music and this part of myself with you. Thank you for taking the time to listen.