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I provide 3 tiers of PRIVATE music events ranging from a house concert all the way up to a catered music experience. Reach out to me for details about each and what you can expect.

Have you ever wanted to skip the crowded arenas and loud music venues and instead have an intimate music experience just for you and your closest people. Think your very own VH1 Storytellers episode complete with live music, strange and Wonderful stories, and intentionally selected libations.

I’ve had the privilege of playing many spaces both big and small, but the best and most powerful music moments have taken place at these particular events. Why? connecting with an intimate audience makes each experience so unique and special.

You host and curate a once in a lifetime Experience.



What better way to “break-in” our new lake home than to invite friends and neighbors to a house concert? This was a new concept to all of us and Jae was the perfect person to make it happen. We flew Jae to Minnesota since our lake house is a bit remote. He put us at ease by sharing some of his story. Within minutes he had everyone singing along (with gusto) to one of his songs.

Not only did he gain some new fans (and friends), Jae also gave my husband and me some serious “lake cred.” With only a guitar and his incredible voice, Jae created a magical evening for all of us. Priceless. Jae will work with you on the terms of his performance at your event. We already have him scheduled for round two in Summer 2019.

-Roxy & Lorren (Leech Lake, MN)


I wanted to share Jae’s story and music the best way possible with the most meaningful friends in my life. I invited my family, college friends, closest colleagues and folks from my volunteer work to a stylish two-story café with a grand piano I rented for the house concert. To add to the warmth of Jae’s music, I hired a chef to make a 3-course dinner for the 25 attendees.

During the house concert, Jae spoke to us about his life-changing experiences and sang to us showing his renewed perspective. It has been a couple years since this house concert and my friends and I still talk regularly about that night. Besides how good the music was, we are amazed at how we are still learning from our experience as we are able to reorient ourselves to meaningful purposes thinking back to the night. To those who want to invite Jae to perform in a house concert, I highly recommend that you also ask him to speak about his life. It will move ya.

I look forward to having Jae back for a house concert when he is here.


I had wanted to hear Jae sing live for a couple of years, and was thrilled when he agreed to come do a house concert in Florida! I have attended several house concerts, but this was my first time organizing one. It was a bit daunting at first, but Jae was very helpful and communicative, which made the process easy. Even though it seemed a bit pricey, I can honestly say Jae was worth every penny. He gave a captivating, intimate musical performance for the guests, taking time to get to know everyone and winning over several new fans. 

He is a phenomenal musician, a gifted story teller, and an all-around decent human being. He was also a wonderful house guest, sharing his story with us and quickly becoming part of the family. I look forward to the next time Jae comes and shares his life and music with us!




This winter, we had Jae out to Akron, Ohio for a house concert. As promised, it was a one-of-a-kind evening. We filled a small house with nearly 50 guests, 2 huge tables of beautiful food, a sideboard of wine, beer, and sparkling drinks, and the unforgettable sounds of Jae's voice and guitar (with an encore set on the grand piano).

Aside from his truly excellent musical offerings, Jae wove stories from his own journey throughout the evening, which left a lasting impact on many of those in attendance. The way Jae opens himself up to those he meets and shares vulnerably from the heart makes him feel like a fast friend to those around him.

We were thrilled to be part of the unique concert experience that Jae created just for us, and we're excited for the next opportunity to have Jae back in Akron for another house concert.   

-Jenny (Akron, OH)

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