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10 Late Night Notes to Self

1. Ramp up your sense of urgency. Your time here is running out. 

2. Worry less about what others think since you could be doing everything you can the way that you want and will still be misunderstood and still won't have pleased everyone. 

3. Push more content out. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just put it out there. 

4. Be more vulnerable. Allow others to see your sh*t stink.

5. Take more risks. Talk less about doing things and just do more. 

6. Accept that the people or groups of people (i.e. religious, family, etc) that you least expect to hurt you are the ones who will oftentimes hurt you the most. 

7. Forgive others. Let things go. Move forward. (Tie this back to previous note.) 

8. Remind yourself that money and fame aren't important but allow yourself to be okay acknowledging and admitting that you want to do something so well that these things will follow it. 

9. Be more grateful and believe in yourself more. 

10. You've been crying a whole lot these days. You've also been thinking about quitting life way more often than you'd like to admit. Be okay admitting these things to the people who are supporting you in some way or fashion. 

Jae Jin