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I recently released an EP album on a whim, which was produced by my dear friend Sam Ock. I traveled to Atlanta, GA amidst an East Coast stay in my hometown of Baltimore, MD and spent two weeks recording and finalizing this experimental EP album titled 'Baltimore Boulevard." 

This is a collection of music where each song has been influenced by my experiences living and growing up in Baltimore and all the unique individuals I’ve crossed paths with. ‘Baltimore Boulevard’ is not an actual boulevard in Baltimore, however I wanted to pay homage to the city I call home via this term. A boulevard is often used to describe a wide, well-paved thoroughfare, often made beautiful through landscaping and scenery. Baltimore oftentimes gets a lot of negative flak as a rough city, but in living there for almost two decades, I have come to know the streets and the people more intimately and believe that there is a deep beauty in its brokenness, much like each and every one of us.

I’ve spent the majority of my life in Baltimore and its diversity has both challenged and refined me, pushing me to grow and love people. It is in Baltimore where I learned to truly love others, and to learn what it was to leave them in a better place than I found them. Baltimore is also a city of neighborhoods. Each has a unique culture with different types of people. Black music has made the greatest impact on my art and love for music. The city of Baltimore and its people have left an indelible mark on both who I am as a person & as a musician, as well as the art I continue to create.

Please let me know how the album moves you. 

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