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Wrapping up 2015...

I've always believed that a good beginning makes a good end. With 2015, I’ve reached that particular end. Even with all the trials, the tribulations, joys, successes, and yes... inevitably an insane amount of failures. A year later, I’m still not any clearer about where I'll end up. I’m still without a place I call home. I’m still living out of two suitcases. But I’m so incredibly happy. So incredibly hopeful. And that is what I take with me into 2016- hope. A hope for more lives reached. A hope for more things created that hold intrinsic value. A hope for growth… in both character and in faith. A hope for even greater feelings of being loved. I achieved so many goals, many of which were made and witnessed publicly, and many of which were not. For every goal I achieved, I failed ten times. NYC was the perfect place for me to be stretched, pushed, and pulled. I spent a lot of time being rejected, whether it was as I busked or playing in a busy or empty venue. I played almost 100 shows. I cried so many tears. Those also included tears of joy. I met so many broken people. I met so many difficult and unkind people. But I also met so many incredible people. I met so many selfless people. I weeped with the homeless. I drank with the broken. I broke bread with the affluent. I leaned on those willing to open up their hearts and homes to me. Kairos- or the opportune moment- was a cyclical theme this entire year. I look forward to a new year of new places and new faces. Again I enter another year with so much uncertainty and instability. I enter another year with a heart full. And that, I imagine, is a tiny slice of understanding wealth.

Here's to an amazing #2016...

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